Water has long been recognized as a powerful purifying agent, as evidenced by numerous references in ancient religious texts and cultural traditions. From the baptismal rites in the Ganges River to the purification mikvah of rainwater in Judaism, water has been used to cleanse both people and objects. But what is it about water that makes it such an effective purifier? It seems that the answer lies in its unique molecular structure and perhaps even its connection to an upper celestial memory.

Whether along mountains, in springs, rippling from the Sea of Galilee or the Ganges River, the pH levels of flowing water vary from place to place, depending on factors such as the acidity of the groundwater and the source of the water. However, there may be more to water than just its chemical composition. In the Hebrew language, for example, the word for “sky” contains the word “water” within it, suggesting that water has a divine origin. Indeed, both science and scripture agree that water originated from a higher source, imbuing it with a supreme memory that we can tap into. That’s right, we’re talking about water with memory.

By understanding the properties of water, we can work with it to create more structured water. In other words, water with energetic enhancement gives it vitality and makes it more useful. This is not just a dream – it is a reality that we can achieve with our consciousness and engineering of water’s molecular structure. Water has its own consciousness and patterns that we can harness for our benefit.

However, there are limitations to our understanding of pure water and the world around us. While science provides us with a way to measure and observe the physical world, it cannot capture everything. There are phenomena that are not visible to the naked eye but still exist, such as the air we breathe. Similarly, just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. For example, if you’re driving an orange Lamborghini on a nearby street or a horse is galloping through the forest and we don’t see either of them, does it mean they don’t exist? This is a big question, (think Schrödinger’s cat).

Whether we use water for home consumption or industrial or agricultural uses, it’s never been so easy to enhance the energy of our living water and turn it into beneficial water.

ity and water is even greater than what meets the eye. In Aramaic, the phrase “I will create as I speak” carries immense weight when translated into Hebrew, highlighting the language’s potency.