There’s magic on our planet, and it exists within its waters. Out of all the Earth’s most common substances accessible to us, water is the most special. Water holds a unique significance due to its molecular structure. Some claim that each drop of living water possesses a memory akin to that of a human brain, with approximately 4 billion memory cells in each droplet. This begs the following questions: What does water remember? Can water recall conversations held in its presence or the music played to it?

Japanese water consciousness expert Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted studies that suggest water does indeed have memory. By blessing, speaking kind words, or cursing water, the molecular cluster of frozen water can look vastly different. Playing music from Beethoven versus heavy metal or trash bands also elicits distinct differences in the molecular structure of water.

As we treat water with care, its purity and energetic frequency improve. This magical process is similar to a parent’s intention when preparing fresh, healthy food for their children. We possess the ability to enhance water’s balance and energetic frequency. What’s more, ancient knowledge on this subject of water with consciousness has been passed down through our forefathers and foremothers.

For example, the people of the Kabbalah inserted ciphers written in Hebrew into water for home consumption to help those in need. By doing so, they raised the water’s energy frequency through secret letters and names. The result was water with energetic enhancement, or Kabbalistic water. Today, everyone can enjoy and benefit from such pure water.

Many of us may be familiar with the words “Abra Cadabra,” but the power of the Hebrew language over reality and water is even greater than what meets the eye. In Aramaic, the phrase “I will create as I speak” carries immense weight when translated into Hebrew, highlighting the language’s potency.