How It Works

The longer the Spiral stays immersed in water, the stronger its effects will be. It can remain in any sized glass container of water for anywhere between a few minutes to hours or days. Feel free to refill the container with water at any time – even if there is already water in it.

It’s recommended to place the Spiral in any type of glassware, whether a cup, bottle or pitcher, as glass doesn’t affect the purity and quality of water or liquids in general. It’s best to avoid containers made of metal, pottery (except for porcelain) and plastics of various kinds as these materials can affect the energetic quality of water. Regarding container size, it’s definitely worth using a large-sized pitcher so the whole family or guests can drink the Spiral water and share in its benefits, though individual cups are also good.


Spiral water, that is a glass pitcher or cup of water with the Spiral immersed in it, can either be stored in the refrigerator or kept at room temperature. The Spiral’s effects on the water it is immersed in will be the same no matter the temperature of the water.


As the Spiral enhances the energetic quality to the water it’s immersed in, it’s recommended to use that water to wash your face, neck and hands. Doing so will add vitality to the skin and enhance the special energy that exists around your face, neck and hands. Watering plants with Spiral water will have the same positive effect on their growth. It’s also advisable to use the water for cooking, baking and other nutrition, cosmetics or gardening needs.

The Spiral’s sources of knowledge are based on Judaism’s sacred wisdom of the ages that has been passed down to us from time immemorial. Additional sources of knowledge come from present day science. The Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto is a pioneer who has shown how positive words, thoughts and the frequency of their exposure to water can have either a positive effect on water’s energy and molecular structure. Years of working in the field as well as experiments that many friends, customers and the artist Zakariya have separately conducted confirm Dr. Emoto’s work.

Once water is exposed to the Spiral, it will start having an effect without us knowing it. After a while, it’s possible to see the result of the Spiral water in our bodies’ increased feelings of vitality. To see the difference with your own eyes, try one of the following at-home experiments:

  1. Water one plant with Spiral water and another plant with regular water. You’ll soon see a difference in the growth and vitality of the plant that’s been given Spiral water and vice versa.
  2. Place the same amount of cotton at the bottom of two bowls. Add the same amount of beans or seeds to both bowls. Fill two glasses with the same amount of water and use the Spiral to mix one glass of water. Wait about half an hour, then water the bowls with the cotton and beans, one bowl with Spiral water and the other with regular water. For the next few days, monitor what’s happening in each bowl and add the same amount of water from each cup, using the same method. Slowly, you’ll see that the results are completely different in the quantity, quality and vitality of the sprouts’ growth in each bowl. Feel free to share with us and your friends the differences you see!

There are three main features in the Spiral that affect the water it’s placed in:

  1. The Spiral is engraved with Hebrew letters, and when water passes through their hollow form, it receives the positive energy frequency that’s been passed down to us from the dawn of creation and from generation to generation.
  2. The octahedron shape at the bottom of the Spiral also affects water and its energy frequency. This is because the shape of an octahedron resembles one of the natural patterns that can be seen when water molecules attach to one another and when molecular water clusters form. This shape is also similar to the shape of a rough diamond that crystallizes in nature and has special codes and powers. Additionally, the shape of the Merkaba, whose internal edges have 36 sides, is also an octahedron.
  3. Each Spiral is created entirely out of pure .999 silver without any other materials, as pure silver enhances the overall quality of water and provides it with an energetic quality.