There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to be gained from ancient times, and it is more accessible today than ever before. By combining this wisdom with the latest scientific discoveries, we can produce products and solutions that are of greater value to humanity, like something as simple as water with energetic enhancement.

Although opinions may vary and even conflict, our goal is not to suppress any viewpoint. Rather, we seek to explore both ancient wisdom and current science to determine where they intersect, where they differ, and what we can learn from both. Brainstorming in this way allows us to think outside the box and consider new perspectives, putting aside our preconceived notions and biases. For many, it may be necessary to “live outside the box” in order to think with an open mind.

We have much to gain by studying the values and knowledge from ancient times, as we risk forgetting important lessons over time. We must also question what we have forgotten and why, including the motives and mechanisms behind certain trends or decisions put forth by certain parties and corporations.

For example, let’s consider the introduction of free energy (Tesla) and the reason behind outlawing mercury. And what about the construction of magnificent cities in ancient eras that only had horses and carts and were limited in tools and technology? Are the motives behind these developments innocent or was there a mechanism with special interests driving these decisions and innovations? Or, were they based on ancient wisdom that has since been forgotten and that we will never find?

Everyone knows what he has heard or thinks he knows, whether it’s based on imagination, conspiracy or something else that groups feed each other for their own interests or for reasons to hold onto the status quo of what’s already known and therefore comfortable.

By introducing the concept of energetic water, we are encouraging a journey of exploration that requires breaking free from mental fixation and embracing a willingness to learn and consider new ideas. We pose no challenge to – or have any conflict with – anyone; our goal is simply to expand people’s understanding and find new solutions to benefit humanity.