About the Spiral

The Spiral is made solely out of .999 fine silver, the purest degree of silver available. This pure silver brings out an energetic quality to the water it is immersed in, as do the Hebrew names engraved on the Spiral’s octahedron-shaped tip.

The Spiral is 180 cm long, and its diameter ranges in thickness from about 3-5 millimeters along its length. The top of the Spiral features a beautiful 18-mm-long droplet shape, which is designed for better grip and to provide weight for balance. The width of the Spiral’s octahedron shape at the bottom is 17 mm, and the length of each of its 4 sides, where the names of the rivers are engraved, is 30 mm. The Spiral’s total weight is 26 grams of pure silver.

The Spiral is produced in Israel. The entire production process is carried out in Zakariya’s workshop, where his honed craftsmanship comes to life, infused with four generations of skills and knowledge that’s been passed down from his master jeweler father. At the end of the production process, each Spiral travels to a secret place in northern Israel near the Sea of ​​Galilee, where it is immersed in water to maximize its energy’s purification by soaking up the water’s primordial energy.

There are many unique aspects that make Zakariya’s Spiral production process special. First, each Spiral is created out of love. Second, since working with pure .999 silver is more challenging than working with other materials, like .925 sterling silver, creating and transforming pure silver rods into each Spiral takes unique skills that have been mastered over generations. Third, the production process, from beginning to end, is all about genuine artistry, pureness of thought and love of the craft. Zakariya imbues each Spiral with coded, spiritual binary information and symbols that have ancient, sacred mathematical meaning, which are subtly represented in its measurements and facets. Zakariya’s workshop is permeated with elements of spirituality, Torah and music, which are incorporated into the Spiral’s richly layered creative process. The end product reflects a creation of intention, love, respect and connection.